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About Us
About Ashar Alo Online School


Ashar Alo Online School is a web application project that’s aim is to making a platform for students to guideline and helping them providing quality education in online. In this web Application users are able to participate online contests and can read thousands of digital books online. This web project makes education system easy, innovative and helps to spread edulights widely.


1. Academic Preparation.
2. Competitive exam preparation.
3. Online Contest.
4. Digital Library.
5. Video Library.
6. Feedback System.
7. Live Contest.


1. Guideline the students.
2. Improve Education System.
3. Spread Education widely.
4. Making platform for learning and practicing.
5. Digitalize Bangladesh with online education system..
This project is developed following the object oriented method of PHP. It is a dynamic web project, includes User side and Admin Side. In the User part user will introduced with a nice and attractive UI. Users can easily access to the information we provide like academic preparation, Competitive exam preparation, Skill development and feedback system. For participating any online contest users are needed to be registered in the portal. In the Admin panel its designed and developed for multiple number of admins to develop and update the materials for online school. Admins can dynamically change, edit, add the materials and manage every events. The user feedback is only taken by the admin in the Admin Panel to improve the services.


The result of this project is in the open and free access to the all users. It makes a platform for the student to learn, practice and prove their skill participating in the live contest in a real-time evaluation. This project is now successfully running on the internet and serving the students free of costs.

Comparison With Current System

Our project is unique other than the current existing systems. As like the 10 minutes School it has a static preparation section for practice. Where the question are always same, but in our System the preparation section are always dynamically change whenever we refresh or retry the problem section in a new tab of a browser.

Conclusion and Future Plan

Ashar Alo online school project is aimed to develop education and to spread education to the people. It makes education easily accessable. We have so many plan in future to develop our project. We want to make an online system for the national education system to make connected all the educational institution in one platform.