Which online schools are accredited online?

The number of accredited online colleges and universities has surged in recent years, but the degree they offer is far from the highest.We’ve broken down the top 10 online schools by offering degree offerings and rankings.1.Cornell University – 4,638 The online education giant boasts of the highest degree offerings in the country, but it is…

Published by admin inJuly 25, 2021

The number of accredited online colleges and universities has surged in recent years, but the degree they offer is far from the highest.

We’ve broken down the top 10 online schools by offering degree offerings and rankings.


Cornell University – 4,638 The online education giant boasts of the highest degree offerings in the country, but it is by no means the best.

The university is ranked in the top 25 nationally by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

In 2018, Cornell University earned the highest grade in the nation for its academic performance.


University of Michigan – 469 The Michigan State University has a reputation for having one of the best academic offerings, with many students attending online.

The school boasts of more than 1,500 online degrees, including more than 200 on the online engineering program.


Texas A&M University – 536 The Texas A & M University is home to many of the nation’s top-ranked engineering programs, but its online education is not at the level of other schools.

In 2018 the school earned the lowest overall grade, with only five out of the top 100 programs earning a C- or better.


University at Buffalo – 521 The University at Bills is an independent school with a long history of being one of North America’s top online institutions.

Its online offerings range from its online master’s degree to its online PhD programs.

The program is ranked by ACICS as one of 25 best online programs for students of all levels.


Princeton University – 529 The Princeton University is a liberal arts institution that boasts of offering more than 800 online degrees.

The online master of business administration program is one of several online master programs in the program.

The degree offerings include a full online MBA and a two-year MBA.


University College London – 486 The online program at University College, London offers a large number of online courses and programs, including online master and master’s degrees.


University in Chicago – 467 The University in Cambridge, the largest and most selective online university in the United States, is a top-rated school for its online offerings.

The U.S. News and World Report rankings have the school at No. 1 in the U.K. for its degree offerings.


Georgia Institute of Technology – 466 Georgia Tech, an independent college, is one the largest, most selective, and most innovative online institutions in the world.

Its degree offerings are extensive and include online masters, a master’s in public administration, a bachelor’s degree in government, and more.


The Ohio State University – 455 The Ohio University is known for its large and diverse online student body, including a strong concentration in applied science and technology.

The campus is ranked as one that offers the best degree offerings, according to the school’s website.


University University of Southern California – 449 The University of California has the largest number of programs in online degree programs, which is a testament to the breadth of its offerings.


The University and College of the Holy Cross – 444 The College of The Holy Cross is known as one the nation ‘s premier colleges of art and design.

The institution has more than 400 online programs, and the university offers nearly 300 online master degree programs.


Carnegie Mellon University – 443 Carnegie Mellon is home of the most advanced and innovative online degree offerings on the Web.

The college offers nearly 350 online master degrees, with a combined total of more to be completed.


University Colorado Boulder – 443 The University Colorado is the only U. S. university that offers more than 20 online degrees online.


University North Carolina – 443 UNC is one an online institution with the most programs in undergraduate and graduate programs online.


University San Francisco – 443 San Francisco State University is the largest online university and has a strong online program in its College of Engineering.

The School of Engineering is ranked among the top 50 colleges and the nation by ACIC for its programs in engineering.


University Southern California at San Bernardino – 441 The University Southern is known to offer more than 100 online programs including master’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.


The Wharton School of Business – 439 The Whampoa College of Business is a prestigious institution with more than 120,000 students enrolled.

The business school boasts more than 7,000 online degree opportunities, including master of art, master of science, master and doctoral programs.


The Washington University in St. Louis – 438 The University Washington, the school with the highest concentration of international students in the University of St. Lous, is also known for offering more online degree options than other online schools.


The Stanford University – 433 The Stanford School of Law, one of America’s largest law schools, has a large concentration of online programs.


Yale University – 428 Yale University is considered one of, if not the largest of the American colleges, and has an online degree program that spans from the physical sciences


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